Food And Coming Full Circle

When you really acknowledge something that you have always known, it is truly a moment of pure joy!  That is what happened to me when I was testing my Curry and Ginger Carrot Soup recipe. There was a moment of acknowledgement of all the little things that I do that have added up to something bigger and life affirming.  It is a story of organic vegetables, a carrot soup, and a compost heap.  Food that shows that life always comes full circle. First, you start with the organic vegetables, grown using organic compost. They then produce small vegetable scraps that I have trimmed before cooking, which, in turn, go into the freezer to be used to make into an organic vegetable stock. Of course, that stock then goes into making a carrot soup and more. Finally, to complete the circle, the remains of the vegetable stock go right back into the organic compost heap for the cycle to repeat again and again.  Connecting the dots is amazing.  The lesson learned, I am making a difference with all of the little things that I consciously do!  I may not see the results right away, but the seeds have been planted.

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