A Thanksgiving Note To My Grandchildren

Happy Thanksgiving!

You are not even here yet and I am already thinking of you on this beautiful Thanksgiving day 2016!  Your parents, Guy and Angela, are having their first Thanksgiving as a married couple and making their first turkey!  I have to laugh, there are only going to be three of them and they purchased a 20 lb plus turkey because they got it for a great price.  Your dad is cooking it in the pizza oven that he built by himself, so it is a very special day for them.  I wish I could be there.  Sometimes it is very hard to live so far away!  They sent pictures as the turkey was cooking, which was great, but there is nothing like being together on Thanksgiving!  I just wanted to let you know that you are already being thought of and you are going to be so loved!  Sending lots of love!!!!!

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