The Girl Who Loves To Stay Home

I am the girl who loves to stay home.  I love going to work, the beach, the movies, traveling, going to dinner at a friends or the diner late at night, but to really know me is to know that my heart is always home.  From the outside you might think that my little house is in need of some repair, that my yard needs some weeding, and that my animals need some discipline, but what I see is my heart.  It is the beautiful place where my children were raised, where I am constantly cooking, eating and yes, weeding.  I had to laugh at myself the other day because I am the girl who goes to bed with positive affirmations tucked in her pillow, Food & Wine and Organic Life magazines under the covers, and the Classic German Baking cookbook right beside her.  I think that I am really beginning to like this girl.

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