Cucumbers And The Continuous Supply


One day’s picking!


Having a garden is such a wonderful thing and I am truly blessed to have access to fabulous vegetables all season long, but what does one do with an over zealous cucumber plant?  The only thing that this girl can think of, start finding as many different ways to use them as possible.  I started off with giving them away, then I moved to cucumber salads. Shortly thereafter came cucumber gazpacho (pictured above) followed by cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese or tuna fish.  I went back to just slicing and eating which led to giving some more away and then chopping them up and giving them to my chickens as a treat.  Next came pickling, which is marvelous, yet they keep coming! I have invited all the creatures in the yard to eat as many as they want, but they prefer the squash and beans, go figure.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!  Signing off from cucumber central!  Karen

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