Violets In A Salad, Why Yes!

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Wild violets are in extreme abundance in my yard!  Usually the mower comes out very early in the spring, but for some reason the need to let my lawn go a little wild outweighed my need to mow.  The result, all kinds of edible treats are growing, violets being the most abundant.  As an added bonus, the wild life has come out in force as well, much to my delight. Who better to share a space with than bunnies, turkeys, ducks, and birds!  Violets are one of those edible flowers that actually has a wonderfully sweet taste and pairs beautifully with any kind of greens.  Using a light dressing allows the flavor of the violets to shine.  Being me, the healing benefits of food has always been an interest close to my heart.  Violets have been used for centuries for a variety of benefits.  My favorites, violets are believed to help moderate anger, strengthen and comfort the heart and promote refreshing sleep. They are also known to prevent dizziness and headaches as well!  The magic of violets, not only delicious, but healing too!


For The Salad:

A large bunch of wild violets, rinsed and dried (a salad spinner is a great tool to have in the kitchen)

A lettuce of your choosing, along with the additions that you love!

For The Dressing:

1   Tablespoon Zinfandel Vinegar

3   Tablespoons Roasted Walnut Olive Oil

1   Teaspoon honey

Salt & Freshly Ground Pepper to taste

For The Dressing:

In the bottom of a large salad bowl, whisk together all of your ingredients until well combined.

For The Salad:

To the bowl, add the lettuce, violets, and any additions, tossing well with the dressing.

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