Horseradish, Right From The Garden

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A new journey, a fresh start, a rebirth, that is how I feel about this column.  Garden To Table, it is my lifestyle from spring through fall.  A time for me to eat what is in season and what I have grown.  In fact, it is the secret to keeping off the forty five pounds that I had lost four years ago and believe it or not, it had all started with the planting of lettuce. My first recipe of the season is fresh horseradish.  To make room in my garden beds for more plants, I needed to remove my out of control horseradish plant and what I found during that removal was an abundance of horseradish root.  I did some research and found the simplest of recipes and set off to make fresh horseradish sauce.  Oh my goodness, what a discovery!  Making the sauce was so simple and the taste so amazing that I started to put it on everything, from pizza, to pasta, to chicken, and toast.  With the results of the recipe being so great, I quickly rethought pulling out the horseradish plant and quickly replanted a couple of roots and thank goodness, they are doing just fine.  Fresh horseradish…a great start to this new journey called Garden To Table.


1   8″ – 10″ horseradish root (from your garden or grocery store)

2   Tablespoons water

1   Tablespoon white vinegar

Pinch of sea salt



Remove leaves and rinse dirt off of the horseradish root.

Using a vegetable peeler, peel the surface skin of the horseradish root and chop into pieces.

Grind horseradish root in a food processor with the water, adding more water if needed (I used my Vitamix).

Add the vinegar and salt and combine well.

Note:  Ground fresh horseradish is more potent than freshly chopped onions so be very careful when removing the lid.

Strain out some of the water if too liquidy.

Note:  The vinegar stabilizes the hotness, so you can adjust very simply

Transfer to a jar and keep refrigerated.  Keeps for 3 to 4 weeks.



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