The Awakening Of Spring!

DSC_0051 5

My beautiful compost heap!  It too has been patiently awaiting the awakening of spring!


Patience, patience, patience or so I have been told a million times.  It is late March and as I await the arrival of spring warmth, renewal, and rebirth, I am getting impatient.  Impatient for something new, some sign of life from the garden, something edible.  I simply love to eat with the seasons, and especially what I have grown myself, making this an extraordinarily hard time for me.  A time where great patience is needed, but is in short supply.  I dream of the coming days of going out into the garden or stopping by a local farm and picking what is on the menu and then creating a recipe with the results.  It is a lifestyle change, after winter, that my mind, body, and soul craves.  Patience and a life lesson learned, after a long winter comes a fabulous spring!

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