Marjoram, A Merry Little Herb!


I love growing and using Marjoram.  Sometimes referred to as oregano, both are members of the mint family, but Marjoram has a milder, sweet flavor, slightly minty and citrusy. The delicate flavor lends itself to French and English recipes as well as Italian and Greek. It has long been thought to symbolize love, honor, and happiness.  For me, marjoram adds a bit of spark to my recipes.  Great in vegetable dishes, in salad dressings, on chicken, lamb, and fish. Wonderful with cheese and eggs, it also makes a great addition to sauces and soups too!  It is one of those herbs, along with sage and thyme, that come out at the holidays, but for me, it has become an everyday essential. Beyond the wonderful flavor, the health and healing properties of Marjoram go way back. It is regarded as a great antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory herb. Marjoram steeped as a tea aids in digestion, relieves nausea, protects against the common cold, and relieves stress. Researching the history, the healing and health benefits of herbs and spices along with their culinary magic is a wonderful way of being aware of what we eat.

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