Today I Am Being A Mom…..My Favorite Thing To Be!

Who knew that I would love being a mom!  I grew up not even thinking about it, not even for one second.  I guess I didn’t feel like I was mom material. I didn’t dream of a big wedding, a marriage, and a house full of kids.  It wasn’t even on my radar, but low and behold, it is exactly what happened and how thankful and blessed I am that the man upstairs didn’t listen to a thing that I said.  He knew better! Tomorrow my youngest leaves for the Navy and I won’t see him for a good long while, so today I am being his mom and oh what a privilege it is.  Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, laughing and loving all the while knowing that tomorrow I will be giving the world the gift of my son, a wonderful man filled with light and love.  One ready to serve humanity with all of the strength and courage that he has, which is a whole lot.  I know this because he shares that strength and courage with me on a daily basis and has since the day he was born.  I know that I will always be his mom, but today is different, he is letting me be the mom that he has always known for tomorrow a new journey starts.  I send lots of love to all the moms who have had to let go of their sons to serve a higher calling.  Well its back to my cooking, cleaning, laundry and being a mom.

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