A Tale Of Three Sons

I am a mother of three sons.  Each totally different, in height, weight, personality, and temperament, yet each coming from the same place. Simply remarkable!  This year, 2016, is going to be a year for the record book.  My question to myself is am I ready?  Am I strong enough, tough enough, bold enough and filled with enough love and light to let them go?  I think so, but it won’t be easy.  I start the year with my youngest leaving for the Navy.  A few more months will pass when my middle son will start his journey to becoming a Marine.  If that doesn’t get me, at the midpoint, my oldest is getting married, with all sorts of ceremonies surrounding the date.  And did I mention that I am baking the cake for the wedding too!  I am starting to realize what a year it is going to be.

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