Turmeric, A Fabulous Spice With Health Benefits Too!

Turmeric, a native of Southeast Asia, has become a star of the spices that I am using in my kitchen.  It is sometimes referred to as “poor man’s saffron”, but don’t let that fool you, turmeric can stand up to the flavor of any spice.  It has an earthy, mustard-like, peppery taste, and it is an important ingredient in curry. Its flavor is mellow and mild reminding me a little of orange and ginger. In the early days of my cooking, I used turmeric merely to add color to the skin of my roast turkey on Thanksgiving, but I have certainly grown-up.  I now use turmeric on roasted vegetables, in rice, on scrambled eggs, frittatas, with sauted greens, I even steep it in hot water for a fabulous tea, and, of course, I still use it on my roasted chicken and turkey.  I also love adding a pinch or two to soups and stews. There is more about this wonderful spice that goes beyond flavor, it has been found to be beneficial to our health.  Something many cultures have known for many, many years.  It has been known as an anti-inflammatory, aiding in arthritis relief and also as an aid in improving digestion.   I know that when I have a few aches and pains, I always have a fabulous cup of turmeric tea combining it with ginger for a powerful, yet relaxing, boost. So the next time that you see turmeric, give it a try.  It just might add some unexpected flavor and make you feel better too!

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