A Table Of Flower Adorned Cakes In Three Flavors!


When I first offered to make Guy and Angela’s wedding cake and before this cake journey ever began, I had a vision of what I wanted to present to them as a gift from my heart on their wedding day. It took a birthday card from my friends to remind me of that original vision and that is the picture that you see.  Beautiful cakes, simply frosted with scrumptious layers and adorned with fresh flowers to take your breath away.  Different flavors, different flowers, each cake unique just as Guy and Angela are each unique.  Well, it seems that the bride and groom agree with my vision.  They have chosen all three cakes, with one slight change, the combination cake will turn into an all Mexican Chocolate cake!  I am so excited about having a beautiful table filled with cakes of all different flavors, sizes, and all with different flowers! Honored that they have put their faith in me, the cake journey will continue as I practice, practice, practice!

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