Fennel Seed…A Frequent Spice In My Cooking


A symbol of longevity, strength, and courage, fennel is a treasured spice in my kitchen! The warmth and freshness that it adds to my dishes is quite notable.  A sweet anise flavored seed, fennel is great with any meat.  Known for its use in salamis and sausages, I love using it in my spice rubs for pork, chicken, beef, and fish.  Amazing with vegetables, especially cabbage, fennel acts as a condiment and flavor base.  Grinding just before use allows the flavors to be fresh and toasting lightly brings out the natural oils which just add to the flavor.  Thought to be mainly a savory spice, fennel can also cross the bridge into sweet.  Used to flavor breads, doughs, cakes, and cookies, fennel knows no bounds. The health benefits of fennel have been known for years and years.  Rich in fiber, which aids in digestion, vitamins and minerals, fennel is a much sought after ingredient.  The owner of powerful anti-oxidants that are thought to remove harmful free radicals from the body, fennel is not only flavorful but good for you!

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