Can You Allow Yourself To Live Like It Is Your Last Day?

Yes, we are all dying, but this column is all about the timing.  I bet that most people if told that they had only one more day to live would do things differently in that one day.  I know that I would have have been one of those people up until about a year or two ago. You see, my life fell apart into a million different pieces, a true blessing in disguise, but fell apart nonetheless.  Since then, life has been about growing, becoming aware, and going forward, leaving behind what I didn’t want or couldn’t bring with me into my future. I wake up every morning wanting to do things better, wanting to be kinder, more generous, to work harder, enjoy me, my children, my friends, my animals, my house, and my business. I am always thankful or remind myself to be.  Thankful for my breath, my health, all that I have, and the chance that God has given me here on this earth to make a difference.  I try my hardest everyday to live as if it were my last. Not this concentrated, consuming effort, but a more subtle, quiet one.  It is not about money or success, accumulating material things, it is about what you give of your thoughts, your prayers, and your time for the encouragement of those around you.  Having been in a dark place at several points on my journey, I always try to be aware of those around me and just what type of day that they might be having.  Of course, adventure, passion, and fun are high on my priority list, so don’t think that I am always filled with light and love, but it is something that I strive for everyday.  It kind of keeps me in check.  Trying to live like it is your last day is a challenge, but one worth taking. Always remember, life is a gift, and there are actually people who are dying everyday. That thought always makes me stop and take notice of what I am doing. Baby steps, that’s all it takes. Lots of love!

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