The Healing Power Of Orange Peel

Exceptionally healing, oranges are a powerhouse in the food world, especially orange peel! Not only is it’s flavor wonderful, but it has four times as much fiber as is found in the rest of the orange that we eat.  According to research, the flavonoids found in the peel assist the Vitamin C that is present to help prevent cancer.  Oranges have long been known to help fight infections, colds, and flu. Now, researchers have added lowering cholesterol, reducing weight, and better digestion to the power of oranges and orange peel.  Just alone, the smell of orange peel awakens my senses and gets me going.  The flavor of orange in any recipe adds a little zip and brightness.  I use a lot of orange in my baking, extract and peel, especially paired with chocolate but also with apples, and any type of spice cake.  I love fresh squeezed juice and I always take the opportunity to make candied orange peel when I am treating myself to a glass!  Orange peel, a powerful benefit to our health and tastebuds.

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