The Magic Of Garlic Powder!


The magic of garlic powder has just found its way into my kitchen!  I have always loved garlic and cook with it more often than not!  It transforms any dish into a bold, aromatic, and healthy food experience.  It would be a very rare day that a bulb of garlic could not be found on my counter and I never thought that I would ever use garlic powder as a substitution, but the day came, and fresh garlic was out of the question!  I was developing a spice blend and just couldn’t use fresh garlic, so I turned to garlic powder instead and that is when its magic entered my kitchen.  It is such a wonderful spice!  I feel that it is just as effective at delivering flavor and aromatics and it is so super easy to use and to store in your cupboard.  There are dishes that I would only use fresh garlic for, like sauteing tomatoes with olive oil, garlic, and fresh basil for a great pasta sauce or shrimp scampi or steaming mussels in wine and garlic.  Garlic powder is wonderful to use in sauces, stews, soups, marinades, rubs, gravies, and even salad dressing.  It is a fabulous addition to your spice collection.  An added bonus, people are starting to really talk about the health benefits of garlic. The talk is that garlic is known to boost your immune system, and to even benefit in relation to heart disease.  A simple spice that packs a big flavor punch!

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